Fire Separation

Does it matter which side of the gypsum board is exposed in a fire separation?


Im not sure about that, but I believe the joints should be taped and mudded.


On sheetrock there is a “finished” side and a “non finished” side. I don’t believe it matters which side (non aesthetic in this case) is exposed, so long as it is taped and mudded.

Now that the labels are exposed, make sure it’s 5/8 in. fire rated gypsum board.

Not all jurisdictions require tape and mud at the seams.

In my jurisdiction tape and mud is not required. Two layers with staggered joints are required. Just wondering if finished side out or in made a difference. Yes, I missed a chance to see if it was fire rated.

Thanks for the responses.

That sheetrocker was saving time, he got both those angles out of one sheet… But brown side out is not a killer on a draft stop of unseen gable. The joints have to be taped to complete a rated system, that is how fire rated assemblies are tested at GP,USG, Etc…