Fire Sprinklers save lives and homes

New houses burn faster than ever study shows; how to prepare your home.

CLEVELAND - Middleburg Heights Fire Department officials said newer homes that catch fire will burn much faster than older ones.
“They’re tighter than ever before because of insulation.
We want to be energy efficient, so it’s a tighter package of the house and then we bring all these flammable and combustibles into the home.
Our personal technology, our laptop and our desktops,” explained John Desmarteau, Assistant Fire Chief of the Middleburg Heights Fire Department.
A report by Underwriters Laboratory, a safety consulting firm, found that fires burn more quickly in new homes, which are built more

And Roy it is getting cheaper and cheaper to install. Really the last article was an eye opener.

Required for most new construction in California.

We don’t need no stinking freedom to make our own choices. :frowning:

Nice to hear Frank! How are the fires going on down in that area? I know we have some but nothing compared to your area.

I think there is still one going on in Northern California. But unless it’s nearby, we don’t pay much attention. Too common of an event here.

Well you now have 1 more like Frank.:wink:

I saw that. Thanks Kevin.

Will InterNachi have a course on Fire Sprinkler inspection?

I see there is an article, but not much else.

I’ve looked more into it, and there was a class somewhere in the mid-west.
Trying to traverse the legal maze of how to become an inspector is confusing, as it seems most articles on sprinkler inspection are assuming you are coming from the perspective of a firefighter, and not home inspector.

Fire suppression inspection is a whole new story, specialized licensing required.

Sprinklers save lives , So just because a builder is against it does it make untrue? I would bet he doesn’t like building codes either. cheaper insurance,less loss of life , will make sprinklers worth the cost ,the more installed the price should drop . Smoke detectors are required by law . I suppose some against that too. Any one against it probably didn’t have to locate any bodies after a fire . Taking Freedom away is just another scare monger trying justify their side of a view to others .

There are several courses you can take at

Need sprinkler Information go to

In California you need to be either a Licensed Fire Sprinkler installer, or a licensed by the State fire marshall inspector to inspect commercial fire sprinkler systems.
Read more here…
And there are no requirements by CalFire to inspect residential systems after the initial installation inspection. To know and be able to point out some of the common deficiencies with sprinkler systems should not violate any CalFire regulations. For example, the trim rings cannot be painted, the heads cannot be painted, need spare heads and wrench in the cabinet, can’t shut off the system without also shutting off the house. Those are some.

This is a really good video

You only need fire sprinklers in homes for one reason: so cities can lay-off firemen, and save money. It is always about finding ways to increase/create new taxes, extort money from the citizens, and put more money into the pockets of lawmakers and lobbyists.

Most all home fires are accidental. Money can be better spent on educating the home buyer on home safety. Opps. Nick has done that.

Sorry Gary I disagree with you .
It would be a good idea for you to stop at a fire hall and ask a fireman about sprinklers .
Homes today are loaded with Things made from Oil .
Unless there is some one in the home Firemen are instructed to stay out as too many have lost their lives with the new Construction material.
Collapsing very soon and the fireman ending in the burning basement .
Please do stop and talk to a fireman you might be surprised.
I have never talked to a fireman who did not want sprinklers in all homes they do save lives big time .


Gary Fire prevention has been in the schools, and is out there for public information, for many years , How many times have you found smoke detectors out of service ? I would say at least 40 percent here. As far as laying off firemen not so, they are now medical, more car accidents and prevention checks . Fire’s are actually are small part of the job now. Not everything is a government conspiracy . Roy is right stop by talk to a Chief about sprinklers . you will be surprised . BTW how many fire halls are covered by volunteers in your area? You can not lay off Volunteers now can you.

More lives would be saved by banning candles.

Are you ready to give up that freedom too?

Really Micheal do you stay up all night making stupid remarks?
Freedom has nothing to do with it , get it why do you think they do not belong anywhere ?