Fire wall question

Ok so I was doing an inspection for a client that lives in a condo in which the fire sprinkler line froze and burst causing some damage. During the inspection the client asked me if I would take a look in the closet that was now partially opened up due to water damage. The client was asking if the fire wall was done properly between his unit and the unit next door. Basically what I saw was two interior walls side by side in which both of the interior sides are covered with drywall. I think that is ok but the question is there is a staircase which is wood that is behind one of the closet walls which is for the upstairs condo which does not have any covering so the back of the wood staircase is exposed and facing the back of the clients wall which is also unfinished. I look at it as the wood staircase is not fire proof and if a fire broke out and burned through it then the next thing is the unfinished side of my clients walls. What do you guys think? I will provide pics tomorrow as I left them in my office sorry.


Some of this is going to up the local AHJ, could you tell if the party wall drywall is firecode type X?

Yes the drywall is type x.

Thats good, but if there are any breaches in the firewall(s) just call it out.

Ok this is the picture of the closet I was talking about. As you can see the back of the staircase is exposed. The backs of the walls also do not have drywall which created a common area between units.

I think the stairs are the least of the potential fire, etc., problems between the units there. :shock: