I would say structural repairs are warranted…
Thankfully everyone got out in time…
Unfortunately the owner (police officer I worked with) only had dwelling insurance, the occupants did not have renters insurance… ouch.

The car in the drive was a restored 67 Chevelle… with only liability on same.

120 Barbee Rd 018.JPG

120 Barbee Rd 018.JPG

120 Barbee Rd 001.JPG

120 Barbee Rd 004.JPG

What started it Jeffery?

Major at the Sheriff Dept. here recently had his whole house burn down. It is the season.
Jeffery, I didn’t know you were an officer. I served 10 years in law enforcement, had enough of it a few years ago. I did keep my reserve status though.

Boy I hate to see that.
Makes one think as to why it has to happen.

They haven’t figured it out yet… the garage addition was added about 20 years ago and looking at the steps that lead to the finished room above the garage…I suspect it started there. It would be fun to try to figure out what the culprit was however I don’t think the FD will put that much effort into it especially in light of the fact there is no money to be made from the insurance or lack thereof and being that the 2nd floor has failed, its just to dangerous to get inside there to thoroughly investigate it.

Jeff, don’t the FD get the Fire Marshal experts in there to determine the cause?

Actually you are correct about the fire marshal however being that there was not renters insurance on the property (occupants lost everything), and the house was probably under insured, no loss of life or injuries, I seriously doubt anything will come of it. Although we have had 3 fires within the last week albeit nothing indicates arson… at least on this one.

Jeffery can you take any more pictures?
I like to see ( the v) if you can Indication of a start point.

Do have more photos, inside and out?

Wayne, what is (the v )?

You’re supposed to allow for normal wear and tear in NC. Don’t kill the deal!

Origin Marcel Most likely

Points to the start

Well, looking at those three pictures, I would say it started inside that garage area, and what the hell were they doing with a motorcyle on the second floor. ???;):slight_smile:

Playing stairway to heaven i think
Looks like the garage but it can even more defined as origin

Wayne, I know you got FD experience, so look at the garage and the backside of the garage, where the intensity of the fire shot upwards.

You mean here in the picture i have feeling it started in this area, firstfire.jpg

Yep, and if you look at the opposite elevation you can see those same windows through the garage, and I am sure that it does not mean it was part of the garage, but in the general area.

Sure hope they find out what happen so it can become another item on the fire statistics for the general public to know. :slight_smile:

Wayne, that is a V, but is it a secondary. I would like to see more of the garage.

Me too
The inside would be interesting