Firebird heat disperser

this ias kinda neat, never saw one before today- but im feeling like it was taken off the market for some reason that is safety related.

Questions, comments?

Nice asbestos floor tile in the first picture.

You can tell that it’s asbestos from the picture?

9"x9" from the 1950’s and 60’s. It’s a sure thing. This may help.

Funny thing is that they make modern duplicates but do not be fooled:)
Buy only the REAL ASBESTOS tile.

Seriously that stuff in the picture is still used all over Chicago in garbage chute rooms of high rises all over the south side.
Much of it is in great shape because the Local #1 Janitors keep it waxed and polished.(not friable)

I agree that 9" x 9" likely contain asbestos, I just couldn’t figure out that they were 9" x 9" from the picture.

pfffshssht - yeah already in report, see it all the time in elmwood park :wink:

That lovely 9x9 tile which for some reason is laid with 2-3 of the oddest colors combination’s- black- green - pink - etc… maybe there was a sale??

I was wondering if anyone has used one of these ( fire bird heat disperser) and if there is any info out there on them stories, hearsay ? - ??

well the asbestos fibers are suspended in the adhesive right?

So you would have to pry them up, chip and sand at the dried adhesive side
and use a fan to blow it around the air. :o

Not the best of ideas…
Some restricted or altered the draft and created a life safety hazard. This one has the fan missing. I would recommend removal. :wink:

Not sure if anyone actually answered your initial question. The heat exchangers like you have pictured were pretty popular back in the late 70’s. They have been taken off the market due to two reasons; 1) They didn’t work very well. 2) No one was buying them. I don’t know of any safety issues. Some had blowers attached, others did not.

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