FIREFOX versus Explorer

I have found Firefox does not lock up as frequently, and it stops several types of spyware that Norton didn’t even pick up.

It is free and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft- Here’s the direct download link to get it free, qucikcly, and it even includes a google toolbar, if you want one:

Norton anti-virus is as bad as some virus. It will take over your computer and put crap through every program. I got rid of mine completely. Had to take it to a computer guru to have all the hidden tenacles removed but it was worth the $50 it cost me. I use AVG anti-virus (its free) and it is great. I do not use IE anymore either unless I absolutely have to then I run my AD-ware and Spyware programs immediately afterwards.

Here’s a link directly to firefox.

I love Thunderbird email also.

I’ve been using Firefox for over a year and now and can’t imagine going back to IE. Tabbed browsing rocks. Best example of this is on the message board you simply center mouse click on each attachment in a message and it opens a new tab for each picture or link. While you continue to read the post the attachments are being opened in the other tabs. Great for dial-up users like me and not as awkward as going to other windows to view the attachments. Try it you’ll like it. It is far superior to IE. IMHO

I use both Netscape and Firefox. I notice sometimes Firefox will not display all pages correctly yet Netscape or Explorer will. Perhaps because I do not have all the plug ins. But when I go to update Firefox it says my program is current.

Yes, that’s sometimes a problem but seldom in my experience. You can switch the “rendering engine” to IE within Firefox by hovering over the lower right Firefox icon. This may be a plug-in but I can’t remember.(See Firefox site for info) . It usually solves any problem with pages that require IE but its not perfect and I seldom have to use it anyway.

It took you people long enough to catch on. It sounds like you are preaching to the converted Bill.

I love firefox!!

Get converted Larry and you too can be saved from the horror that is Microsoft.:twisted:

However the PC and Microsoft has given us all a lot of computing power for a very low price. IMHO:)

Firefox is the only way to go. Don’t forget the add-on called Faster Fox.