Fireplace clean and scan

I just had my masonry fireplace cleaned and scanned by a specialist.

He was here 2+ hours.

This is the third differant specialist I have used in my 9 years of owning my home. He by far was the most knowledgable and throrough.

The scan revealed several hairline cracks in the flue. Possible fire hazard.

It was interesting watching the scan on the TV screen he had. Very cool!!

The top of chimney damper with a lifetime warranty had a loose, damaged seal. Original plate damper was obstructed by debris at the smoke shelf.

He used a drill with a special wire brush (3 spiral brushes) Fireplace has never been this clean. (At least since I have owned it)

Obtained more knowledge on fireplaces and also some additional verbiage for my reports.

He gave me info on a fireplace supplier were I can purchase products. Just need an business account. (No charge)

I would highly recommend a scan to anyone owning a masonry fireplace. Well worth the money.

I would like to see an advanced fireplace/chimney Nachi TV episode.

It would have a scan of a masonry fireplace. Scan of a metal vent or chimney.

Level 1, 2, 3 inspections

Chimney inspections. Vent inspections

Different type of fireplace inspections

Report writing verbiage. Limitations.

Are you being pressured to replace the clay tile liners?

Not pressured at all.

Just looking at some options.

I can use the fireplace with caution and dry wood.

I could install an insert and liner that would cost me about $1800 for materials. (Not pressured by specialist)

He stated most masonry fireplaces are not intended for continous buring like I was doing with the cozy grate heater.

Were I messed up was burning a few pieces of cardboard, pizza boxes.
I did not realize that the temperature increases and most likely caused the cracks.

Have not been using due to soot smell. Have had issues since I have lived here.

I most likely will have an insert installed in the future.

I hate the look of my facing. Maybe will redo or have redone.
What the heck, it is only money.

Again this guy was laid back, no pressure. Gave me his supplier and lots of info and answered all my questions.

He says he could condem almost all fireplaces if he strictly followed the clearance’s outlined by the chimney codes. Had to do with the size of the bricks behind the mantel, above the lintel and smoke shelf.

I did not catch all of what he said and I am sure I am quoting him wrong.
He uses common sense when cleaning, scanning.

He also said that 80% of the chimney professionals were using a report form that had a checklist style that left them open to liability.

So if the professional is in a position for liabilty on combustibles then I surely as a generalist will make sure I enhance my report limitations.

I was trying to find his report online but no luck yet.

He basically uses the comment section for his report and stays away from the checklist.

A still practicing WETT-certified Master, that I use as a “go-to” guy when I need extra info on a wood heating “situation”, now carries $10 million insurance for his installed work and will now not do inspections only…too much you can’t see in many existing installs; doesn’t want the liability!!

On every fireplace in a home or structure I inspect, I always mention verbally and in the inspection report to have an NFPA Level 2 inspection by a qualified chimney professional/specialist. I explain a bit about the insepction and they and the Realtor seem to benefit from this suggestion/recommendation.