Fireplace or stove clearance requirements?

So, here’s a firebox with a small stove included inside it. It’s there to heat a sunroom area. It looks okay. Has a horizontal vent tying into a stone chimney.
It doesn’t have any floor protection so I’m writing it up for that. I’m thinking that it should have the non-listed stove clearance requirement out the front. (18" with floor protection). Any chimney sweeps out there?
Bill O

Doesn’t look ok to me with all that soot indicating combustion spillage that doesn’t go out the vent that’s mispositioned (is that vent even rated for solid fuel?). I would indicate it as a potential life/safety concern and refer it. Looks like one of those where everyone goes to bed and nobody wakes up in the morning.

With that home put together unit, I would recommend a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Level 2 inspection by a qualified chimney sweep before use.

Read the Level 2 inspection description. CYA.

Chimney Inspections - Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)

Yes, it was a food grill apparently. Then the mini-stove was place into it and vented.
I recommended FR by a licensed chimney sweep. Short hearth extension, suspect vent & connection & non-listed stove.