Fireplace ...question..need advise

This fireplace is for a bonus room…not the main house.

There is no damper…and when I look up in the firebox I see the sky.

Looks like the rain would come straight into the fire box…

Is this acceptable? What would be the write up.

On all fireplaces I simply put in the report, " Get an inspection from a certified chimney sweep before use". Yes it is just to cover my a s s .

A spark arrestor/rain cap would help and an N.F.P.A. level 2 chimney inspection:

Thanks Larry

Hmmmm the construction should be done in such a way that there should be no water leakage :slight_smile: and that will make your fireplace look a beautiful one…

bad attempt at spam…

It is acceptable to a extend but its very important to cover it coz as the time will pass,water combines with ash and get deposited in the wall of chimney. This will later block the smoke. So its better to cover it. Hope this will help you.