Firm wants to buy NACHI member's businesses. Guaranteed salary + 10%. Sell yours.

[FONT=Arial]I have a company called PHS Home Services. We are hiring and or buying inspection firms in Cincinnati, Dayton, Indy, Louisville, Lexington, Wallace, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Miami, or surrounding areas near any of these markets. The inspectors will become full time employees with benefits. Any firm that has more than 1 inspector or shows management skills will be brought on as an area manager. We will guaranty your last year salary plus 10% and double your business within one year. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]If you have any questions, feel free to call me.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]John Cordell[/FONT]
NACHI Member
[FONT=Arial]513 617 4511[/FONT]