First 10 members to reply to this post win a case (1,000) of

Ricky wins the last case!

All gone.

Thanks guys, it was fun!

Ah, finally!

Thank You Nick

Minute late and a case short! :roll:

Thank you Nick.

Justin Cohen
Collegeville, PA

ASHI members can only wish.

They can also go to


Now lets just see how many more folks post something STUPID like I just DID…](*,)

[size=4]10, Their ALL GONE, DONE, FINISHED,------------their ALL GONE, DONE FINISHED…but have no fear, others will post WANTING ONE…!!![/size]

Me and Michael Larson are having one hell of a time in Shipping & Receiving when you test the membership with anything over [size=6]ONE ITEM to be given away NICK…!!!

Dale Duffy
Michael Larson

Shipping & Receiving
Screen Door Repair
“Counting Beyond 24” (the do’s and don’ts)
"Counting From “1-10” (the do’s and don’ts)

Another WINNER…!!!

Dale are you having a Monday?

Henry…between doing inspections EVERYDAY and also being in charge of SHIPPING & RECEIVING----I will need to quit INSPECTING…this is WAY too much for me and Michael Larson too handle------:D----:D----:D----:smiley:

I feel for you but Ill be glad when i get back to inspecting full time again.

I 'm here


Did I Win?

Me too.

Larry wants in!

Amazing, Hank; simply amazing . . .

You never cease, and rarely desist!!!

Why not…-HV

first time replying. hope im doing it right.