First 10 to reply win Carson Dunlop Illustrated Home eBook. $590 value total

10 winners should contact John Kwasnik to claim at


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Brian Hubbard Lexington, SC

Brent Stadther, CMI

Meridian, ID


Merry Christmas, and thank you for the opportunity!

Merry Christmas

Heres to a prosperous 2021

Please & Thank you! Mmm

Eric Pohler

Jon Ellis
Finest Home Inspection

Kevin Enos CastleHome Inspections Ione Ca

Merry Christmas

okay Les Abstein

Scott bridges

Our 10 winners are:

  1. Brian Hubbard
  2. Brent Stadther
  3. Martin Willes
  4. Alan Cunningham
  5. Brandon Feltner
  6. Eric Pohler
  7. Jon Ellis
  8. Kevin Enos
  9. Peter Calderon
  10. Les Abstein

Merry Christmas.


That link you posted isn’t working

Thanks Nick!

Thanks St Nick!

Look at us slow poke folks winning a prize!
Congrats & Merry Christmas y’all!

Thank you Nick!

Michael Smith
Columbus ohio

Julie Finan, 450.012146

Rose Home Inspection , LLC

Niles IL

Merry Christmas Everyone

Happy 2021

Robert Young NACHI 10030603