First 20 members to post win...

…the chance to show me how many folks are taking the day off and burning up their keyboard to win freebies. :-d :mrgreen:


Or decided to do paper work now

That was a slow response. :slight_smile:

Nick start the party now, no ones watching but me and Mark!

As far as I can see, you are the only one in pursuit. =D>\:D/

I am here…lol

Send me my prize, I need to use it as a stocking stuffer.

nice “Bazinga” Cameron

Getting paperwork ready for tomorrow’s inspection

I was testing the waters. :slight_smile:

Did I get everyone’s blood pumping?

It was a test? Ahhhhh

Working on reports, trying to smoke brisket, and also looking forward to the giveaways. Hopefully the reports and giveaways go better than the smoker is right now. It does not want to get going in 16 degree weather.

Good one!!

As soon as I leave the office the party will get going, so off I go.

Some ppl have to much time on their hands.

Checking in! But not on the key board.

I know, I should be out inspecting, or marketing…but “trolling” today is where I’ll be!

Can you hear the word “Bazinga” and not bust out laughing? Not me…Bazinga…hahahaha

One more Job & I’m finished for the year, and what a year it’s been. :smiley:

Kevin Leonard
Monroe, Ohio

Jeff Hannon
Delanson, New York

Jeff Hannon is the winner.