First 3 to reply win Thermal Imaging DVD + Now.... book. plus an IR DVD.

Yes sir

Roy Cooke

Cameron and Roy win. One set left.

Fast fingers Roy :slight_smile:

Anyone want the last one? One left.

Hello out there.

Did I make it in time?

Yes you did!

Melisa Ortiz wins the last one.

Thanks … Nick

Awesome, Thank You

man i want one. just got me a flir e40bx.

I’ll Take One, Please…

I would like to receive one, or more info on DVD

Dam android phone me too slow. And i actually have a thermal camera too. Roys too fast hope he has a garage sale soon! (I hope hes still retired and dont need all this juicy stuff)

Retired do you think I should give up learning .
Did a Health Canada Radon Webinar On Feb 27.
163 people on line I think there was only 6~ homies on board .
Did Not see any NACHI members .


Talk to my Mom Roy her microwave still says 1200 1200 1200.

A real easy Fix it’s called Black electric tape works ever time .

Next question .
Remember I have done a radio show for years and have been asked a lot of questions .