First 30 to correctly guess the winner of MNF win a rare uncirculated coin.

New England

16 left for Denver
12 left for NE



I’m easy, I’ll go with the consensus New England

New England.

What if it is a tie!

Without overtime.

trouble maker…

"I create controversy whether they like it or not"

Ditto ;):):smiley:

Carl; Two coins. ha. ha. :wink:

Then you get two Susan B. Anthony coins. They too are virtually uncirculated.

New England

15 left for Denver
8 left for NE

Ahh, what the hell. I’ll take Denver also.

New England

See Nick’s original post.

I guess you have changed your mind. :wink:

I pick Denver…


I did see Nick’s original post and I do fully comprehend his statement. I take it that you’re attempting to be the gate keeper of this thread. I must say that my second post was simply posted in jest.

Please have a sense of humor, my friend.

No why would I go ahead and pick any team but my home team anyways? Go PATS.

Sorry David. I misunderstood. I will put my badge back in the drawer. :wink: