First 5 to reply win a FLIR VP50 Non-Contact Voltage Detector and Worklight!

Very nice gift

this is nice…
Merry Christmas!!!

Dang man you guys are too fast!!!

John Hagen
North Carolina

John Hagen

North Carolina

Thanks Nachi

Very Nice!

This time??

this is impossible the reply button runs away :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Merry Christmas, from Thomas Bohl Boynton Beach,FL 33437

How bout this time

Welcome back to our forum, Steve. How about not so long for your next visit?

Best to you. :smile:

The winners are:

Joseph Agnone
Les Abstein
Justin Schertell
Steve Wittry
Jordan Ballard

I had to skip a few people to allow others to win. Your prize will ship to the address you have in your member profile ( Happy Holidays!

yes i would like that

Thank you!

alan Cunningham

NACHI 19120501

Susan Ray
Western Maryland


Me please now

Kris Simpson
East Lansing, MI

alan Cunningham me