First Customized Gun For Someone Special

I finally found a BB Gun that would allow my almost 7 year old to see a proper sight picture.

Daisies Red Ryder and Pump version come in a nice girly pink but the Daisy Buck which she could properly shoulder did not so I did one up for her :slight_smile:

She likes it, So I am happy :smiley:

Notice the nice fiber optic sight that the others do not come with :smiley:

stock 1.JPG

side two.JPG

sight picture.JPG

side one.JPG

stock 2.JPG

Nice job !

Thanks, It looks better in pictures then I would have desired it came out.
I think only I see the flaws as I am the one who did it. It still seems like it may scratch easily even though I have 20+ coats total of spray stuff :slight_smile:

She is happy that is all that matters.

It will give us something fun to do after school :slight_smile:

I am just glad she can hold it properly and get a proper sight picture.

Next thing I want for her is a Ruger Bearcat in Stainless. I’ll trade a stainless single six even steven for one.

I plan on teaching her and her 3 other cousins how to shoot with the Bearcat. The single six is just to big and heavy for their little hands :frowning:

I even would trade a S&W 38 with simi enclosed hammer with crimson trace concealed combat laser grips for a NEW bearcat.

38 most like one below:

nice s&w have a pretty good collection up here,can’t help on trade thou, but I don’t think you will have a problem getting the trade done with some one out there. Love target shooting can’t get enough of it ! family is what its all about. GOOD LUCK !

Just a stock photo. Mine looks like it.

You shoot Mikey? We’ll have to hook up and go to the range sometime.

When I can walk good again I am up for it. I started walking with the boot outside yesterday and a sneaker I was told inside but since my foot does not fit any and I did not want to spend money of a goofy looking wide pair of shoes that I’ll never wear again I picked up a decent newer looking pair of crocs at bass pro. Pretty comfy compared to a sneaker. I walk real slow with a ton of pain and feel like a old man. I pick up my handicap sticker today :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for this place to open. I know it is far from you but once it opens if you get a job down here you may want to check it out.

I actually talked to one of the owners about a management position. I figure I could look after and take care of the Building plus all my biz skills and my love of guns. I just want a change and want to enjoy getting up to go to work :slight_smile:

I had a last minute cancellation yesterday morning and found myself at the range. While I was there I purchased a nice little S&W M&P compact .40

I get to pick it up in 9 more days…