First Defect

GOt my camera this morning on my way to work.
Pulled my first horse out and while playing found my first issue.

All of the legs but the right rear were toasty warm. The right rear was cold, and you could feel the difference. Go figure. Now the owner will have to figure out why her horses leg has an issue.

thermal horse.jpg

Inflamed suspensory ligament with migration to the superficial flexor tendon (flexes pastern). The inferior check ligament is also involved with inflamation migration to the flexor muscle. Most probably caused by hyperextention.

Take 20 ibuprophen, 2 pid, and rub with AsperCream for 4 days, 4 pid.

Or, he could of just brused it.

But that’s just my opinion. (Please Note. Will Decker is not a licensed Vet or a professional in medicine. He just plays one on this board (sometimes).

Hope this helps;

I’ll ask Peter Hopkins (United Infrared EquineIR Instructor) to have a look at it in the morning before class gets started and reply back with his thoughts.

Nice pic!

missing insulation, probably when they installed the high hat lights.

Probably a leg injury from pulling the horses leg.

That wasn’t its leg!

I am impressed Will.

Extensor tendons would be involved in that area, but with inflamation it should show up hot. Both the cap of the hock and the front of the leg were much colder, and from my understanding is an indication of possible nearve issues and or obviously a lack of blood flow.

I would be curious as to what the leg looked like after a little exercise. There was no indication of lamness, and never has been with this one. I can almost bet if they would get the horse adjusted the color may just come back.
And FYI I have been shoeing horses for over 15 years, and have traveled all over the country doing so. It’s a job I have been trying to get away from permenantly, but I don’t think I will ever be rid of it completely.

I didn’t want to say that Russell we are trying to break Sean away from horses lol

Wayne, lack of blood flow would cause your issue; impotence!!!
Go take your little blue pill.

Russel is that what you like??

lolol sensitive today Sean BTW thanks for reminding me .