First High Rise Condo Unit

Doing my first high rise unit inspection. Any things to watch out for would be appreciated. My plan is to identify the entrys to elevator, stairs, check exit signs, emergency lighting for stairways, Enter unit and do same as any other unit. Inspect any hurricane shutters, guard rails on

For a hi rise you do not really need to worry much about the building other than general notes on construction if they may effect the unit your targeting.(takes a little experience to get that part)

You may or may not wish to include tips on the way things work in common areas…again you figure that out later, also based on business model.

Have a rider in contract adjusting it from homes to hold you harmless for building issues.

Learn how HO’As are run in your area and by what codes if you are serious about doing more.

Use your present template and remember you will not be doing much commentary on structure,exterior,roof,and possibly will have no view of ,main shutoffs,meters,utility closets,etc.

Have a good disclaimer on the above.
Any further questions you are free to contact me.
Condo Bob

Listen to Bob, he is an expert here. I agree, we note about the building structure in general terms only. It is also good to contact the building prior and ask for roof access and utility room access. That way you can see the main breaker, if it is a split system AC specific to that unit the condenser maybe on the roof, and you can get roof overview picture to add in the report.

Be careful! Your inspecting the individual unit only, correct?

You have not been hired to conduct an inspection of common areas by the HOA, correct?

Inspecting Places that you were not hired to inspect or have an Inspection Agreement to inspect, will only lead to problems.

Good luck.:smiley: