First Impressions

I was reading an article today about marketing and sales. In the article, the writer referred to “first impressions”. Since I am preparing my 2010 business and marketing plans, I started thinking about “First Impressions”. As I thought about it, I realized that any point that a potential customer could contact me would provide a “First Impression”. So this has lead me to evaluate each piece of marketing material I use including; website, business cards, brochures, flyers and truck window ads.

Think about it. Maybe it is time for a lot of home inspectors to consider what kind of first impression they may be making in your service area.

Just a thought. It might be worth a penny…

David Selman
Selman Home Inspections

Also how you present yourself on the phone, If you are not good at selling yourself on the phone then get someone who is. Potential clients will walk if they are not comfortable with the person on the phone.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. This business is different than most in that you often never get to meet your client until AFTER they hire you. Therefore I agree with Kenneth about the phone.

I agree with David Selman

I see your log in - good idea !!!

Hi Gary - Happy posting.

I got a home inspection today because another inspector did not answer the phone. If you do not answer you make a bad impression.

Bingo. Your phone is worth many $$$. Don’t take it seriously and you won’t make a living.

As an officer of the Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association I would attempt to contact all of the 70 or so home inspectors in the area to let them know that we were going to have a meeting. I was always amazed at the 30% of the HI’s that never answered the phone. It was then that I decided that I would answer my phone every day from 6:30 AM until 9 PM. This morning (Sunday) at 7:15 I had a former client call me to tell me she had referred me to the buyer of the home she was selling. I talked to the buyer and booked the inspection by 8:30 AM. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they have called 2 or 3 home inspector phone numbers and didn’t want to do business with someone that will not even answer their own business phone. Answering the phone in a timely and professional manner it the best first impression shot you get.