First inspection

Well after taking the how to preform a roof inspection course I fell more confident identifying damage to roofing materials.

Matt, that’s pretty cool. It’s a good idea to carry a bungee cord with you and tie off the top of your ladder to one of the gutter spikes. This will help your ladder to stay in place, a little better.

Take care and stay safe.

Might recommend several small 3’ , 6’ and 10’ foot lengths of rope in your kit.
Learn some quick release knots and tie down the ladder at the top, side or/ and bottom.

Tie to:
a. Gutter spikes.
b. Balcony guard rails.
c. Stair rails.
d Place your ladder close to the side of the chimney / chase.
If there is wind or gusts, the windward side.

Carry a 2X4" cut wider than your ladder to place in the gutter. That will stop any loading from bending the eaves-trough.

If I see stairs I use the bottom riser to hold the feet of the ladder as I manipulate the ladder vertical.
Once I have my height selected, 3 rungs higher than the eave, I angle the ladder by lifting up the feet and back away slowly from the stairs so I can use the hand or rails to secure and stabilize the ladder.

NOTE: Bunge’s have a way of stretching.