First member to reply wins Panel Handle Magnets.

Here they are:

Bill Forrest
MSRE Home Inspection Services
3619 Rockport Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111

Mike Becker
Orland Park IL

Shawn Staggs
Sarasota FL 34238

1715 Woodland Ave.
Mankato, MN 56001
Merry Christmas from

Martin Price
Indianapolis IN
Merry Christmas


Dave Fetty
Naples FL
Merry Christmas!

Bill wins.

Merry Christmas.

Brad Toye
Clearwater FL

Shaun Atkinson
Franklin OH


They work great. I own two.

Kevin Leonard
Monroe, Ohio


Those would have been nice.

Dang, Bill is on top of everything!

How come when someone gives away something free…there is always someone who replies with PASS or something else…disrespectful to me…here is an FYI…if you don’t want it…just don’t reply…

Novel idea huh…Gesh people…at least Nick is giving stuff away…what other association does that.


It’s just a way of letting people know you got it before it was gone and don’t need it or are happily passing it to someone else.

I already own a set of these and don’t need another.:wink:

I agree I liked watching how others got the prize and how they said thanks .

just hate it whens someone replies with PASS or something like that…why reply at all if you are not interested. Kinda like talking just to hear yourself speak…know what I mean…