First Mock Inspection!

Wow, I got snookered. I blew through the first day in only 8 hours! :+1: Then flew through the second day in under 4 hours. I floated like a butterfly stung like a bee… 12 hours total. Yah hooo.

Sounds like you are getting faster if that was one house the first day and the second house the second day. And, that is a good thing as long as you are not walking by defects for the time’s sake.

What do you mean that “You got snookered?”

I thought I’d have this done before lunch. In time for a nap.

So, it was one house in the 12 hours? Best to take it as it comes and try not to miss things.

Larry, set up a routine like when you get to the house do the exterior clockwise and the same for the interior whether it is the crawlspace, basement or second floor. Do you routine the same on every house.

If, when you do you fee paid inspections you get flustered, just tell the client that you are going out to the truck to get a drink or take a break or whatever.

I used to hand them a clip board after introductions and tell them that I have routine that I follow so I am less likely to miss something and if they had a question(s) to write them down and I will answer them when I get to that part of the house or at the end inspection review.

You set the pace and run the inspection and don’t let others, agents included, pull you away from your routine.

Good luck and good inspecting. :smile: