First mockup of new Certified Master Inspector banner stand coming soon.


First one to find the error in the banner stand wins a free, online video ad: Custom Marketing Video for Home Inspectors

Custom-made. Who wants it?

Find the error and you win.

I seriously doubt the world’s fastest car can reach Mach 1…False.

Pretty sure that car broke the sound barrier…

I’m sure there are plenty of more expensive homes than $165 million…


Is that a car or a rocket with wheels. I guess you are right.:cool:

UY SCUTI is not the worlds largest star.
maybe the galaxies largest

World’s larges star: John Wayne……

don’t think there are any real stars on the world.

Vy Canis Majoris is the universe’s largest known star

John Harrison wins. John, email me at and we’ll get started on it. Congrats!