First one to reply gets a free, custom-made online video ad for their inspection biz.

Designed to improve the SEO of your website.

Free to the first one who wants it and replies.

Sure why not. It will go well with the new website.


Well, that was quick!

Congrats Chuck. What is your email address?

Someone will reach out to you this week.

Congratulations Chuck.

Congratulations Chuck, I won this this last time it was posted and still haven’t received the video.

Well if I get mine before you, I’ll let you use my video. :wink:

Thanks Chuck! :lol: When I won mine, I was near several major advertising changes, after those goals were achieved, I sent a couple emails from the original win which have not been answered or have lost in cyberspace. :lol:

Here ya go Chuck:

Thanks Nick,

Erik did a great job with it.

Nice work.