First one to reply wins ]Standard Package from Inspector Media ($99)

Winner should contact Erik at

Thank you for the gifts! You are all amazing!

Gotta be quick around here
Mike Dunne
Torrington WY
NACHI 19061109

I could really use this! Thank You!

Stephen Snyder
Charlotte, NC

Merry Christmas
Rick Hunt

Scott Boyle

Brad Russell

Nick Seasons greetings, Merry Christmas.

Marry Christmas
Steven Phillips, CMI
Barnesville ,ga

Bruce Goren

Kurtis wins.

Oscar Lora
Coral Springs, Florida

Wow that is a super useful gift! Congrats Kurtis!

Slow down Kurtis

Dave Fetty
Bonita Springs FL 34135
Merry Christmas


Bill Forrest # 14031017

Cleveland, OH 44111

yes please

that would be nice