First one to wish everyone a Merry Christmas wins $100 Gift Card from Empowered Point of Sale

Many thanks to Bill Janis of Empowered Point of Sale, Inc

Declared winner can contact Bill for the $100 gift card at](

Brian Hubbard
Lexington, SC asf

Roman Kotelevskiy

Professional Home Inspectors

Internachi Member nachi17091921

merry christmas!! :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas everyone

Matthew Reed WatchDog Inspectors NACHI14120704 merry christmas

Colorado Inspector!

merry christmas everyone!

merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas
NACHI09041310 Peconic Home Inspections Long Island NY

merry Christmas

merry christmas

Merry Christmas!
Jody Wooden

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Marshfield, WI

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

merry christmas Jose Duran, Jr

merry Christmas

merry xmas to all

Merry Christmas everyone