First Paid Inspection Done

I hear you. I dont like disclaimers either. Well i like to keep them to a minimum. The point of the report is to communicate whats wrong with the house. I get what you are saying and i agree.

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Ill be honest with all of you though. I could use some insight into the insurance questions/concerns. Ill buy you a pint if you are ever in Annapolis or near.

His template as-is in Spectora is very rough and I highly doubt he uses it that way. Nothing wrong with starting from that but just from glancing through your report, there is a lot of clean up work to do on the narratives.

Yep - I kinda feel like if im paying $100 a month for spectora - the templates I use should be nearly exactly what i need. Its powerful software but its going to take me awhile to get it where it need it to be.

Nothing against Ben but there was another inspector on here a few days ago using the same template as you, and had the same issues, that several veteran inspectors thought were wrong. Like too many disclaimers and other items you didn’t need that made the report way too busy and long.


Nope. Absolutely not. Your template is of your own making. You can’t expect Spectora or Ben to provide you with a perfect template with perfect narratives that fit your area and your inspection style.

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from the picture, it looks like you traversed the roof (on foot). Don’t sell yourself short, you got up there and looked close. Was this a canned statement you forgot to proofread?

not a major defect

not a major defect from this angle, but if it were, I would not refer to a GC. I would refer to an SE.

[quote] An old unused vent at the back of the house
should be removed [/quote]
Looks like an easy repair to me.

Caulk the shower - Major defect
light bulb not working - major defect
no receptacle within 3 feet of the bathroom sink. This is a requirement. . - Major Defect
This house has two water filters and a precharged water system tank. I would recommend getting a local water service company to do a more thorough inspection. - Major Defect

and on and on and on

I don’t know if you are having trouble with the software or if you simply need some mentoring, but this is not acceptable.


Same as Ryan I would remove all those paragraphs you have below that.

Spectora is good software and worth $100 a month - no doubt. The template i got was a good starting point and like you say - everyone is different. Look i agree with what your saying. I need to and will get my own style of template sorted. I get what you are saying.

It is powerful and very effective when you put the work into it.
One thing I noticed is that there are no comments (annotations) to go along with each of your pictures. For most of us using Spectora, this is where we put locations and any specific notes that are outside of the basic narrative. It does no good to show damaged siding without telling your client where it is located.

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Tim, Call me 901-568-BERT and I’ll give you some tips and tricks on Spectora that will help quite a bit.
Are you in Annapolis?


Take Bert (2021 MOTY :+1:) up on his offer. If Bert is not available, reach out to me and I will do my best to help get you situated in Spectora. Honestly, I would not do another inspection with your template the way it is.



We are beating you down hard and you have been a good sport. Before we get into it too far, lets talk about what you did right.
You inspected the heck out of this house. 66 pages. You are not lazy. You found a lot of items that are deficient. some items need repair, some are maintenance issues, some are safety concerns, some are worn components near the end of their lifetime. You have some good potential. I think the problem is your reporting (no big deal, you just started out), and this will be easy to fix. I’ll help you, and Ryan also has offered. Take some of my advice, some of Ryan’s, some from what people have posted already and you will do much better on your next report. There are things about templates/narratives that I won’t post on the forum so we should have a discussion and practice session on the phone. Interactive is better than just reading advice on this page.
Tim, you will be a great inspector with a little help.

Now, back to the beat down. :hot_face:


Cheers Bert, Ryan and Co,
Major thanks for all feedback. I’ll be reaching out tomorrow. I’ll return the favor.
In bed here.

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I did warn him above, lol.

Don’t worry Tim, if some of the veterans on here posted their reports, many would take exception to their style as well. As Nick G. has in his signature, As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

You are on the right track, just need to clean up your template some.


2.3.1 Plumbing Vent Pipes - The caulking / roof sealant around the extractor vent needs to be completed sealed
Leaves completely the wrong impression. The bottom edge of shingles like things, drip edges and the like are never caulked. You want that water to drip out, be it from rain, condensation or whatever.

Such a bold assertion should be backed up with a photo from the inside also.

4.5.1 GFCIs & Electrical
Did you test: the GFCI may be at the breaker panel (which can be a good thing as the device will last longer less exposed to weather).

7.5.1 Kitchen Sink The hot water line is missing a shutoff valve underneath the sink.
Yet the picture shows two shutoff valves, just of different styles.

8.2.4 Sinks, Tubs & Showers - No trap present under tub/shower
Good finding, but the narrative should name the consequence (sewer gases rising into tub). And might as well combine it with the defective repair.

12.5.1 Panelboards & Breakers - Painted Shut
Dude: paint? Really? Whip out your utility knife and get that puppy open. Likely major defects in this home.

“I observed indications”
“We” (referring to yourself).
“Xxxx was observed”

Spend some more time on this, and the report could be half the length and 50% more useable.

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Thank you for going through that Bryce. I agree with your points. We should of opened the dead front in fairness. There looks like one breaker that has a trip on it - and that could be a GFCI. Hopefully I get a second inspection in the next couple of weeks and Ill put the report up here again. Cheers for looking through it.

I appreciate you going hardcore on it. You lads are all probably up to your eyeballs writing reports and it takes energy and effort to read someone elses work and critique it. So thank you for that.

Apart from the technical issues that I missed - this is what Ive taken away from it.

  1. Not everything is a major defect - I need to come up with better classifications of defects essentially.
    & The report should have the definition of what each type of defect is.
    Can i ask what are the best classification of defects then.
    Critical Safety Issue EG: The deck wasnt properly connected to the house
    Major Defect EG: The tub is missing a p-trap
    Minor Defect EG: Coverplate is missing on a outlet
    Material Defect What is a good example of a material defect?

How many should I have? How do i tell the difference between them?

  1. Put comments/location in with each photo. Minimise disclaimers, etc in each section.
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You could offer your client a free inspection of the panel… say that you got specialized equipment needed to get it open or whatever…

This might be a good thing from a marketing point of view, showing you’ll go the distance.

These exact questions are why I steered away from classifying deficiencies. I want them to look at all reported items, not just the red ones. In my opinion, it opens you up to extra liability by saying one thing is not as important as another. It could give them something to use against you down the road by saying you didn’t make it “sound” like a big deal.