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Although I have been a NACHI member for over a year and a licensed inspector for 10 years this is my first NACHI post to introduce myself. I am also a RESNET Certified Energy Rater and a TRCC Dispute Resolution Inspector. I hope I can add some valuable insight or at least some good questions.

Bob Spermo TREC #4726
Bullseye Home Inspection
Helotes, Tx

Welcome Robert!!!
Thanks for joining the MB. Hopefully you will get as much out of the MB, as you put into it. I’m looking forward to your sharing your expertise.

Welcome to NACHI fella…Once you learn to waddle through the crap…you will enjoy it here.

Welcome Robert

I am going thru the RESNET training as I type. I am on Module 7. I do not know geometry but I guess I will if I want to pass.

How do you find the area and perimeter of a 7 sided polygon?

Any info, tips or advice on the RESNET program would be appreciated.

I have done well up to this point. My weak area was the Air leakage module with the majority of info on blower doors and duct blasters and I figure I will learn when I go to class.


If you are going to attend a training class do not worry about the geometry. They will go over the problems enough so you should feel comfortable! The blower door and duct blaster stuff will become easier to understand when you get to do it.Just remember when you take the test go through the entire test first and answer every question without looking any up. Then go back! At my testing 4 guys flunked the exam and none of them finished the exam! Do some research before you pick your provider becasue some charge more than others. If you want more detailed advice just let me know. Where are you going for your training?

One of the excercises I need to send in is on Geometry.

I am going thru:

Adena Energy and Environmental Consulting
1538 Prussia Road
Waverly, OH 45690
Phone: 740-947-4934
Fax: 740-947-4934
Contact: Terrance Smith, Principle Owner
Accreditation Identification Number: 2003-029
Date of Expiration: Renewal Pending

Closest to my house.

Any info you can give me would be appreciated.

Congrats on passing the test. Are you doing many energy audits?


Welcome to the board. I hope we can gain some knowledge from you and am sure you will be a welcome addition to this venue. I look forward to learning from you.

Yes, welcome. It should be fun. Tell us about the jokes in high school. :smiley:

Ahhh…fresh tamales with Shiner Bock & listening to Jimmy Dale Gilmore & the Flatlanders at Flores Country Store pavilion in Helotes, Tx on a nice spring evening. Doesn’t get much better or Texas than that :D. (BTW Bob - your pkg will ship 1st thing Tues morning).

Yes my name stirs some conversation! I am also a retired fighter pilot (32 years - 5000 hours) so any of those questions are welcomed!

Mike thanks for the quick reply to my order

I do not do many energy audits but RESNET has now an approved audit protocol. I do more Energy Star Certifications for new construction. I tie my Energy Star Certs with my new construction phase inspections which gives the builder a nice package. Energy Star Certs in my area are around $.25 sq ft. Don’t sweat the test - if a dumb fighter pilot can pass it anybody can!

Welcome to the board


First, Thank you for your service to our Country!!!

Second, Welcome aboard!!!

Third, I am interested in the Energy Star inspections.
Is there a website or another source on information you can point me to. Thanks in advance.

Welcome Robert thanks for stopping by…enjoy the board…!


In order to do Energy Star Certifications (of which inspections are a part) you need to be a RESNET Certified Energy Rater. Go to to learn the steps in becoming a Rater.