First Sample- Be Gentle

Hey Guys,

I made this very fast so please be gentle...the idea is to make them on all different topics from Electrical to full home inspection topics.

I used a poor mic for the narration....I am going to use my high tech stuff for future versions.

Again....turn your volumes up...I turned it down because of the static...which will be solved in the newest versions.

:stuck_out_tongue: Good stuff, Paul. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to future episodes.

Very good work Paul. I hadn’t thought of the areas above and below the panels as dedicated space. I’m sure there are a lot of violations because other trades don’t respect this space, danged plumbers.
As a side note, I once went to a drugstore on a warranty call and couldn’t get to the panels because they had the whole (approx. 10x15’) electrical room stocked with soft drinks.


Thanks…the newer versions will have a bit more in them…this was just a sample to get comments on…most of the video’s I put up will be removed in 1-2 days unless they are educational…seems people don’t get my humor and teasing of my own self in my other ones…

NACHI lacks humor sometimes...people can't laugh at themselves and find humor in it....atleast NICK found his

Anyway…would love some suggestions on different topics people would like a video about…so I cam compile a list of ones to make.

lol…again a COWARD who probably can’t make their own video’s gave me this remark…lol

First Sample- Be Gentle12/25/06 12:58 PM

Get a life…the videos are to help members…Coward!

I think I can GUESS who gave me that remark…lets see some of YOUR “personally done” video’s…anyway if you have nothing to say…Don’t say it at all…

What was the remark? Did I miss it.

When I was 10 years old and started my own research/typing service for college students, my wise ol’ grandmother told me, “You will not be able to please everyone, regardless of how hard you try. Some people simply won’t like you for whatever reason. Never let those people affect what you do. Always do your best and you’ll be successful.”

lol…Ray Ray…I was being combative…I dont care what people think of me…I am a shallow man who enjoys hearing myself speak…and watching myself on VIDEO because of my awesome presence…:slight_smile:

Naw…I dont care what people think of me…if they dont like me…heck with them…let them go through life NOT knowing electricity…see if I care…thehehehehehhe…:slight_smile: