First time home buyer. I don't get it.

I put it in the original agreement that reinspectons will be done for an additional fee. All my clients who wished to have a reinspection done have indecated that they are aware of the added fee and it is no problem for them.

I offer re-inspections for an additional fee (usually a trip charge). I make it clear that it is only for the items previously stated as findings. I also recommended qualified, educated and trained insured professionals to provide the work and advise my clients to seek those who warranty their work. Good concerned agents will advise the same and also recommend their clients purchase a home warranty based on the inspection and the repairs.

However, if the conditions change from the original inspection (such as storm damage that occurred after the original inspection) then I advise them that a new inspection is recommended.

Some clients still prefer a second set of eyes on the contractors work; good contractors stand behind their work and usually meet me at the site to discuss the repairs.

Thanks for the help and suggestions everybody. I’ll call the inspector directly instead of going through the realtor. Peace of mind is worth a whatever the inspector wants to charge to look at the five or six issues he found. Again thanks.