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Q. In the installation of any gas appliance, such as a water heater or furnace, what takes precedence over any local or national codes?
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City or municipal codes

Manufacturer’s recommendations.

Christopher… no. Keep trying.

Joe Hagarty wins!

Manufacturers Installation instructions.

Joe, even though I’m seeing you next week, I’m going to ship it to you so I don’t have to bring it on the plane.


Manufacturers installation requirements


Too late…keep 'um coming!

Joe is incorrect. Stepehn is correct

Look at the wording.

Close enough. Joe wins.

PMII - Per Manufacturers Installation Instructions. To be exact. WooHoo! :mrgreen:

You okay Peter? :wink:

ALWAYS this keep in mind.

How many times have you confronted the arugement, “But, it 'substantually complies with code” (meaning local AHJ code)?

Hold their feet to the fire!

When was the last time that a local AHJ assumed any liability for their decisions?

Manufacturer’s installation instructions ALWAYS supercede local AHJ codes.

The legal reason, according to my attorney, is that if the local AHJ says it’s OK, over the manufacturer, the local AHJ automatically assumes ALL liability is they are wrong.

I have a standard form. If the code inspector says it’s OK (when the manufacturer says not. Gotta have the manuals, remember.) just present this form and have the AHJ inspector sign it. By doing so (as the legal agent of the AHJ), they are assuming all the liability for damage or personal injury.

Whanna bet they won’t sign? :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;


Are you giving hand grenades away? Close enough? There is a big difference.

I recommend you do it this way. This means not required. OR.

I require you do it this way. Enough said.

Congrats to Mr. Hagarty

First off I agree with what Mr. Decker had to say.
Local County as well as City Codes WILL prevail if you want your permit signed of for the installation of ANY GAS appliance that is installed. Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions are posted to keep them out of hack when the appliance is not installed correctly.

Mr. Hagarty, maybe a donation of the Beam to a young and upcoming Inspector would be nice?

Mr. Gromicko, I would be more than happy to donate a Beam to Mr. Stanczyk as he was the closest Inspector to the right answer. Please contact me with the information, cost, etc…

I install a great deal of these appliances and NEVER without a permit and NEVER outside of local code.

Being a Home Inspector is a Great Career just as is being a Contractor, which I am both. I have a great deal of respect for NACHI and all it’s constituents. We should endeavor to understand the line that supposedly separates them. Just my opinion.

Mr. Gromicko, my number is 530-272-7333 and email is

I have used this technique against City of Chicago code inspectors (the hardest, in my experiences) and ‘won’ (for the client).

Just whip out the ‘liability acceptance’ form and watch the stutter, chew on their cigar for awhile, say a rude word or two and walk away.

Serve the client. YOU are the only thing that stands between them and an uncaring world. :wink:

Anyone looking for a “Young and Upcoming” inspector? :wink: LOL. :slight_smile:

Sometimes Wisdom, Expertise, and Experience are passed on and then again those that hold these levels of knowledge choose to feel that they are the “ones” and those that seek are meerly less knowledgeable. For those that have this ability maybe it is time to share the wealth, to share knowledge, and to share their ability to make great Home Inspectors, especially those that frequent this board and those that have something to say. There are those that possess this ability but yet they consistentant do not allow a fellow to get in a word edgewise. Be advised, there are those read these posts on a daily basis that have something very important to say. “Listen” This is just my opinion.