First to post gets a free design from InterNACHI Marketing Department!

Hi, I’m Erica, one of the designers here at InterNACHI!

First person to post on this thread gets their choice of a free rack card, brochure or postcard design. No printing purchase required.

Must be a current member of InterNACHI to win!

George Russell

Been wanting postcards…

George, you win! I just sent you an email to get started. I don’t see a business logo on your website. If you would like, I can design one for you along with the postcard.

Anyone else wanting free marketing designs can place a custom print order through Inspector Outlet. Every order includes our free logo and marketing design services - you only pay to have them printed and shipped.

Did I win? LoL!!!

Erica, contact George direct and bill me for this.

Congrats George!

Jim Mosiuk

The first Canadian to reply