First Wind Mitigation inspection next monday any tips

I am doing my first wind mitigation Monday does anybody have any tips. I guess I will be using the citizens form from what I understand I don’t have to. As long as my report includes everything that that form does. Is this correct

There is only 1 Wind Mitigation form (OIR -B1 -1802) and has nothing to do with Citizens. There are no alternative forms they’ll accept.

Use the form and attach the pictures simple as that

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I gave the poster good Recommendations…

I do all my wind mits on the 1802.


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I continue to wonder why I post here.It appears that some self righteous bastards want to delete my post.

I know what I’m doing. Do you?

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You may have been thinking of the 4-Point form. :wink:

If you check the nail frequency on two consecutive rafters, almost certainly one of them will be in the “field” of the sheet of plywood.

If there is a metal roof, you will have to adjust the sensitivity and be very careful.

Congrats on your first!

I think it is pretty obvious who flagged you, which is very unfortunate. There is plenty of room for discussion.

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