Anyone see the benefits of owning a 200’ fiberglass fishtape? I figure steel would be more beneficial since you won’t be able to push a long fiberglass tape that far. I had someone asking me about picking one up.


Elecricity and steel tapes do not get along .
Working in a live panel fiberglass fishtape is the better idea .

It depends on the type of fiber fish tape you’re using. Some are designed to go hundreds of feet (I think that they might come in 500’ lengths). Even better than steel in some instances.

The fiberglass ones are promoted as being non-conductive, easier to push and pull especially through bends since they are round, they also don’t rust which is nice if your conduit is underground. You can get big diameter ones upto 1000 feet. The steel ones are tried and true and allot of guys like being able to cut the ends of and bending them the way they like. There make stainless ones also but are expensive.

I liked the metal because you can hook(form) them when pulling through walls to bend around objects.

yep… I know about the benefits of using the steel tape and how the fiberglass is non-conductive. I just can’t figure out how a 200’ length glass one is able to sell. It gets extremely difficult to push after about 100’. No matter what size of the conduit.


“Lube baby lube”

Bob’s right you can use lube. They say the fiberglass is easier to pull but I’ve never used one. If your going long runs many times your going to use a mouse.

How about a vacuum to pull a string through or air to push the Thread through then pull in a rope ,
Did this 40 years ago .

Tell us more about your prison experience Bob…:stuck_out_tongue:

I know all the alternatives to using a fishtape…just looking for the reason for a 200’ glass tape. Easy Pull/Lube won’t help with pushing a tape. It’s more for putting on the head of a wire pull.


Why just the other day I was wondering how to wire a roof top light from the basement in my 20 story building.:slight_smile: