"Fixing a wet basement by regrading", that's his title

1:30 he says there are 3 solutions… 3

  1. regrade
    2.french drain
  2. foundation waterproofing
    4… yes 4 now, lol, interior drain tile

I already have a problem with videos like like…
I simply ask, WHERE in the basement does it leak???

Show us, show me where the hlll it leaks, does it leak near that back basement window only?
Does it only leak by the back corner? Both areas? Does it leak from the back basement window TO that corner?

Go in the stupid basement first, take a short video and show us where the hlll water first enters!!!
How hard is that? Ya took a 14 minute video of mostly stupid shit on the outside, can’t take a moment and a video and show us and describe where the water enters inside huh?
Is water entering just through n around that basement window? DEFINE the leak, the problem (s) in order to fix the leak/problem.

Let’s say it leaks from the basement window to under the deck, what maybe 10 ish feet?
Not even sure there is a basement near that corner, on that side.

10-12’ lets say… remove the deck… to waterproof that lil area is nothing, shit $2,200 – 3.200 or so depending on who he calls, plus deck.

I look back UP to what I typed… the 3 and then 4 solutions/options, I typed the number 3, but I see it shows 2, wtf is that lol

It says it cost $4,000 for this landscaping project lolol So you spend $4,000 on grading n shit and then you, hope n pray it doesn’t leak in the coming years, is that how ya’s operate? Prayers?

Yeah yeah, some grading projects may cost a lil less but I bet ya some will cost a lil more too and WHY bother to play games n spend thousands $ and then HOPE the stupid basement doesn’t leak.

Eh, if the basement leaks at, near that basement window and there is 1 or more exterior F wall cracks then waterproofing could be done for LESS $.

You need a bobcat to dig that shallow lil bitch trench??? lolollll

Pretty soon author of this video will show how to stop the roof leak by:

  • changing the roof slope
  • french drain
  • canopy over the roof
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