Fl conference

Dom has the stage and his points are

Have a website
Make sure the web address is on EVERY piece of marketing material
Ensure you have control of the content and update it often

Welcome back Russ ! :slight_smile:

Yours site has to be interesting to google

Every page must have city and home inspection on it. Bar none

If you have many sites directing to one website. It ignores all othe and only recognize the content site

If you use same content as others. Google sees it as crap

Dom rocks. U are missing a great class

Pages need to be unique. It’s imperative

Menu items have the word inspection in the links

Google owns you tube. Link to it often

Troops and American flag works well…up port America America will support you


Thanks for doing this again like you did at the wind meeting. It is really appreciated by me seeing that I am not there.

Have a great time.

Thanks, Russell. I couldn’t be there but wanted to. Hey, enter my name for a door prize…

Good to see you back Russell!

I would of love to be there but it was impossible this time.
Thank you Russell.

Russ is on break I’ll pick up a little info from Dom’s class whiole Russ in on a Chat break.

Imperative to “Blog” on your own site–it will boost your content.

Get a chat widget on your site like www.meebo.com have your clients talk with you on a chat to hire you!

Be sure your phone number is on your home page in big text !

Be sure to have internal links and change the keywords on that link

I’ll try and keep up—this class is awesome --thanks Dom.

Dom–just said something I did not know-------anything that you write and post such as content on your web site is “copyrighted” legally

Make sure the name of the is pertinent to the appropriat area. Meaning bestinspector.com/naplesmoldinspection…see the end make sure it is specific to your areas.

Good to know. Thanks Fred.

We are back at it after a nice lunch and networking. Dom going over Google Places-----be sure to put pictures and video on Google Places.

Be sure to “bookmark” social news networks like www.digg.com

Put the “call me button” on your web site you can get that off the NACHI web site http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&Itemid=183&jfile=index.php&topic=127.0&wap2-

Check your link…


Verify this with Dom. Are you sure it’s not www.digg.com or another variation of the name?


Thanks Jeff—I corrected it. Got so excited at all the stuff I was learning from Dom I hit an extra key !:slight_smile: