Fl. Insurance

Here’s a kick in the teeth! The roof on my house was installed prior to 02, no mit. credit…
So, needed a new roof and decided on a nice new galvalume. Called my insurance agent to get that roof credit, right?
New policy comes in…Premium went up! Why I asked…, was told because it’s now assessed higher… You can’t beat a man at his own game!

Time to shop the policy.

Then you will likely be told you need to get all new inspections. That is why I STAY with Citizens because I know the sh-t I will have to do if I take them up on the offer to leave to save a few bucks. People almost always get screwed by new company then they want to go back to citizens. I see it almost daily.

Still worth a shot. Perhaps if you need new inspections, some of your FL InterNACHI buds can help out a bit.

Good Luck.

I know those that would and could help but it is STILL not worth it to me to deal with all the hassles of changing. I see it EVERYDAY and things rarely work out how the clients had hoped when they leave. The people who the go to make promises of lover rates and they CANNOT guarantee it. As soon as they get the new reports the clients spend their hard earned money on they say oh well your reports say it is going to cost you $$$$$ and then you end up having wasted all your time and money to save nothing or next to nothing. Some even pay more. Here is my advice.

Do Not Leave your current insurance company UNTIL you give the new company an accurate 4 point and wind mit and they give you a GUARANTEED price or quote.

I would suggest you shop around. Also, check with the insurance company to see if you can do the inspections. I did the 4pt & wind mit on my home in Broward as well as the wm on the home here in Palm City. I have Tower Hill Prime and they accepted the reports with no problem.

Same here, did my own Wind Mitigation on the house I just bought and there was no problem. The insurance company said it was fine because pictures would back up my findings. Then yesterday the insurance company sent out a guy to double check my inspection and left without any issues.