FL Licensing Again!

Just checking for confirmation. A little birdie told me a couple of days ago that the Governor has shot down DPBR’s proposals and that Florida Licensing has been shelved for the year.

I’m surprised that I have not read anything on this bb yet. Has anyone else heard anything??

Greg, you are right on the money again, thanks.

You are correct John.

Why start up all of the fighting again.

Yes, it was withdrawn as a bill. Check out the website

Does Fl have any license currently?

no. no.

dang maybe I will move to st.augustine,FL after all then…thehehe…no wait my electrical license is not valid their…thehehehe…only in VA,KY,NC,SC,MD and WV ( yeah like they have electicity in WV…lol…thehehe )

Neither is your electrical experience, after all of your years licensed in VA, you will need yet another 5-year apprenticeship under a licensed Florida Inspector, only then will you be given the privilege of sitting for the test. Yeah right, like I could work for someone for 5-years, not likely.

Actually that is not correct. Because I am a Master Electrician I am allowed to sit for their Master License program and would not have to meet the apprentice requirements…after all i teach apprentices anyway.

Trust me…with the thinking of someday going to Florida we always look into the things and the good thing about being a master electrician is it allows me to sit for equal level testing…

The bad thing is…by the time I can move to florida I probably wont want to do electrical work anyway…lol…

Explain Master Electrician, in New Jersey there is but one class of licensed electrical contractor, who under their license can perform any & all electrical work from residential to the largest industrial/commercial project and everything in between. There are no restrictions on the size/type of permit a licensed electrical contractor can seal in New Jersey.

I inquired about electrical licensing here in Florida at the county level, should I have been applying at the state level?


Many states have multiple license requirements for example in VA you start as a Journeyman and have to test with the state for this license. Then after you have been a licensed journeyman for a minimum of 1 year you can sit and take the exam to go to the highest class of license in the electrical field in VA as a Master Electrician which means another test with the state which is harder and more detailed than the journeymans.

Now VA does have a apprentice requirement these days of many additional years…which is a good thing but does slow down the migration of new electricians in the field…and I am not talking about the guys who just do electrical work…lol…I mean ones that actually hold a REAL license…lol

Once you pass that with the state…if you want to be an electrical contractor you have to (1) Be a Master Electrician and then take another TEST for a contractors license either class C, B or A

So the state gets your money (3) times…go figure.

Most all states you would test for the state to obtain a state license…now some have different classes but VA is a commonwealth meaning they are ANAL and quite tough so in most all cases if you hold a license in one state it will satisfy the qualification requirement and then a matter of taking the state proctored test…

Here in NY State, there is no state license. Licensing is currently handles on a town to town, or county to county basis,. Some counties and towns have no electrical licensing requirements.

In Rockland county, the designations between apprentice, journeyman, and master electrician are up to the individual. Where the union is involved, they designate the titles based on years and training. However, once you are licensed, you are licensed to perform ALL work.

We have had NJ licensed master electricians that cannot seem to pass the county licensing board’s written and practical exams. Imagine that…

Is the test too tough or too subjective? So it goes with licensing. Many do not want it on the state level, because it helps level the field.

Some towns actually require you to reside in the town in order to consider you for licensing. Go figure. Tell me how that ditty protects the consumer. I can such at what I do, as compared to the guy who lives in the next town, and was born into the trade, but hey… he doesnt LIVE here and cant be trusted not to burn the house down while installing that chandelier…