FL Mold Assessor and Remediator CE Course

(Tom Frey, HI7648) #41

This is an air handling unit installed in a unconditioned Garage space. Mold is visible around the entire drywall/wood frame base of the unit. It appears to me that a problem with the condensate drain system exists. I suspect the drywall is saturated on the inside providing mold enough moisture to grow. It appears to be a problem that has existed for some time & remediation will be required.

(Tom Frey, HI7648) #42

I chose to review the article titled “Air Sampling for Mold Inspections” I learned there are several air sampling devices. Impact samplers, cassette samplers & airborne particle collectors. It is best to sample when if visual non destructive inspection reveals apparent mold growth or conditions that would be conducive for mold growth. Samples should be taken in any area of the house that has suspected or confirmed mold growth.

(Sean Fogarty) #43

Lack of adequate landscape drainage and improper ventilation in the crawlspace have caused excess fungal growth on floor structures, which includes fruiting bodies. Damage to some areas were in excess and may require replacement of damaged wood components along with crawlspace remediation, and exterior drainage corrections to both the home and surrounding landscaping.

(Tim Flynn) #44

Following the flow of water- The photo shows the back side of the enclosed porch brick fireplace. This started as a one drip ceiling leak, over time it was not corrected. After yesterday’s rain there are multiple ceiling areas dripping as well as running down the brick face. After taking the photo I noticed the darker bricks at the base that have wicked up more moisture. My next assignment may show a moisture & mold picture from a leak on the inside of the closed capped chimney.

(Tim Flynn) #45

The importance of extending the step flashing was addressed by a roofing contractor. He stated the flashing does not come out far enough from the chimney. As the saddle diverted roof rain runoff around the chimney most ran out over the asphalt shingles. Except for one flat 5" square small area by the saddle edge and next to the fireplace. Over time standing water wicked under the shingles. This 30 year old roof just went through a cat 2 hurricane and needs some attention.

(Jacob Raynor) #46

This is a picture of a moisture issue caused by a leaking or faulty toilet ring. This is a fairly common cause of a moisture problem that can lead to mold growth in the home. If not resolved in a timely fashion it could lead to mold growth in the bathroom or the sub floor. The wax ring should be replaced as soon as possible and the toilet should be properly secured to prevent further leakage.

(Jacob Raynor) #47

I checked out some images on HVAC systems and how the are large contributors of the distribution of mold spores throughout a building. If duct work is not properly sealed they can pick up and disperse spores from various parts of a building from the crawl space to the attic. This can cause potentially serious problems for those sensitive to the affects of mold.

(Alex Martinez, HI10608) #48

Upon my inspection I encountered an area less than 10x10 in a top corner of the bathroom shower area. The area has not been confirmed by a lab for results. The area will be cleaned with an approved cleaner. The area will then be properly dried until the moisture levels reduce.

(Alex Martinez, HI10608) #49

Upon my inspection I encountered an area less than a 10x10 in the top corner of the bathroom shower. The area will be cleaned with an approved proper cleaner. The area will then be dried until the moisture levels reduce.

(Derek Stovall) #50

A truck sign creates almost 5 million visual impressions a year. For inspectors located in big cities, their drivers-side signage, alone may be seen up to 44,000 times per day. Truck ads are the oldest form of mobile advertising to date.

(Derek Stovall) #51

Washing Machine Connections inspected for tiny leaks in the connections to both hot and cold water lines. Checked both ends of the water lines for possible leaks.
Checked the discharge hose for kinks and cracks. Hose is not brittle or old.

(Juan Acosta, 3577174) #52

Mold Walls and Ceiling Image:

The image I chose was of the severe mold growth on a ceiling. One of the aspects of this course that really amazed me was how dangerous mold can be to someones health. Is South Florida we deal with mold growth every day and it is amazing to see how dangerous it can really be.

(Juan Acosta, 3577174) #53

Moisture Inspection:

When it comes to mold it very important to know exactly what to look for when you get to a home. Not only are homeowners worried but so are we. After proper safety, it is important to test using the readers for humidity and moisture. This can really help out when trying to figure out how to remediate a property.

(Sean Fogarty) #54

The image selected was a inspector or tradesman wearing a hard hat and safety glasses. What I learned from the image is that we need better graphics. The image showed the person wearing the hat crooked, which would be improper, and it looked like it was drawn by a 5 years.Better graphics would help up appear more professional.

(Peter L. Kordelski, HI10427) #55

This is a picture of apparent mold. Further investigation must be conducted. What is the source of the moisture allowing the mod to grow. Also this may be tested with either a swab or a tape test. How extensive is this growth inside the walls.

(Peter L. Kordelski, HI10427) #56

If moisture is our number one concern when it comes to mold, we need to pay attention to our bathroom ventilation fans and ducts. In the article by the same name we are reminded of the importance of bathroom ventilation and signs of problems to look for in a high moisture areas requireing ventilation.

(Phillip LeDoux) #57

The photograph I included in this essay is of visible suspected mold I found in a bathroom near the HVAC register. Most likely this is mold that has begun to grow due to the excessive moisture accumulating in the bathroom and probably not caused by the skylight 5’ away.

(Phillip LeDoux) #58

The picture I viewed in the archives was that of a mold spore. Mold spores are like seeds. They spread mold through the air. It’s the molds way of growing. Mold spores can become dislodged and end up floating in the air. Mold should never be touched for this reason.

(Daniel G. Brown) #59

Upon visual inspection of the Hvac Unit in the basement of property labeled #1234 asbestos tape is highly suspected. It is in my professional opinion we should call in a licensed Heating & Air Contractor to consult for further evaluation of the Hvac system.

(Daniel G. Brown) #60

I found the “Air Sampling” article very interesting. I learned the importance of comparing indoor and outdoor air samples as this comparison is most beneficial to get the whole picture of what is going on inside the residence or place of business.