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Under the grandfather clause of the licensing requirements, it mentions completing a proctored examination prior to March 1, 2011. Is the NACHI courses sufficient or do you need to still take the state exam?

The Nachi course is fine, but it must be the proctored version. There are many threads on the MB about this. Use the search feature above.

Greg, go here: www.floridainternachi.org

The DBPR does not base grandfathering on a proctored exam. It bases it on membership in a national or state association (such as www.FloridaInterNACHI.org) that has as one of its requirements, the passing of a proctored exam.

A subtle difference, but an important one.

What books or materials can one use to study for this Proctor test or is knowledge only, who is administering it, how much does it cost? Can the test be taken at any time now and it counts or is there a certain date to take it?

You may want to read the post i left on the other thread that you started.


Here is what i posted responding to your other thread.

If you are refering to the National Exam (NHIE) for home inspectors, that is offered by the State of Florida, it can be taken through Pearson Vue. You may sign up and take it Mon. - Friday. The cost is $225.00. This exam also serves as an entry qualification to NAHI, ASHI, and maybe FABI (i’m not sure of FABI). The test is a 200 question multiple choice. The best sorce of study material to my knowledge is the InterNACHI entrance exam, although i have found books and online courses through the internet. InterNACHI also has a link where you can take sample test questions and immediately see your answers, I can’t remember how to get to it, but others on the message board can tell you how. Unless you are joining the other Societies, I would have to recommend that you use InterNACHI’s proctored exam to obtain your State License. The test only cost $100.00 and has a very high pass rate. Here is the info to take the NHIE

Click on “Test Taker Services”
Select "Construction Trades Services, UST & Inspections
Select - Home Inspectors - National Exam NHIE

Hope this answers your question


Where do I find the Aug., Sept. schedule for proctored exams in Florida

They are normally posted under Legislation, Licensing & Legal Issues](http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/) , I looked and did not readily see Aug. or Sept. dates posted ---- so
contact Zoe fackler - she handles all the Florida Proctored Exams - I do not have here contact info ready available, but someone will post a reply or search InterNACHI (search tool) for it

Nachi test is fine i just got my licenes and i took the test throu Nachi #HI32

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