FL WDO Inspections

Does anyone know the licensing law in regards to performing wood destroying organism inspections in Florida? I have always been under the impression that you had to have a pest control license, but someone recently told me different.

You need to be an employee under a Listed CPO with an ID card (or be an Operator yourself). Regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture, and they do issue fines for non-compliance.

Several posts here about this exact issue are viewable if you want to search for them.


482.091 Employee identification cards.—*

(1)(a) Each employee who performs pest control for a licensee must have an identification card.

(b) Either the licensee or the licensee’s certified operator in charge must apply to the department for an identification card for each employee who will perform pest control therefor within 30 days after employment of that employee, on a form prescribed by the department. The licensee and the licensee’s certified operator in charge are jointly responsible for obtaining such identification cards.

(2)(a) An identification cardholder must be an employee of the licensee and work under the direction and supervision of the licensee’s certified operator in charge and shall not be an independent contractor. An identification cardholder shall operate only out of, and for customers assigned from, the licensee’s licensed business location. An identification cardholder shall not perform any pest control independently of and without the knowledge of the licensee and the licensee’s certified operator in charge and shall perform pest control only for the licensee’s customers.

Read the law carefully, you cannot be a “independent contractor”. You must work out of the CPCO’s place of business, and for “their” customers only. It’s the exact same situation as working under a “Contractor”…There are many Home Inspector’s bending the laws on this one, and a few have changed their minds over the last couple years.

Functioning as a “independent contractor” is easily defined…

This law you posted states “performing pest control.” I was hoping there was a difference in “inspecting” and “performing pest control.”

A WDO inspection is a form of “pest control”…

What is funny to me is that when they do an INSPECTION they CAN FIX THE PROBLEM.

Hmmmm I Wonder why so many outdated SOP’S FOOLS made up laws to get keep those with more than one license from doing the work ???

Oh wait now I remember they are friggin idiots.

If a dentist finds a cavity can he fix it?

If a mechanic performs a safety inspection can he fix the problems he finds?

If a Mold Inspector finds mold can he mitigate the problem?

If a roofer inspects someone roof and finds a problem can he fix it?

If an A/C contractor performs a prior to Summer inspection and finds a problem can he fix it.

So someone please tell me why only Home Inspectors are stupid enough to allow themselves to be held back from making all the money they can. If they a have a licence to fix something and the client wants them to do so it if friggin ridiculous that our own organizations hold us back.

OUR NACHI SOP MUST BE CHANGED AND we should all be raising hell with the State for holding us back from doing all we are licensed to do and taking away our clients RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

GROW UP those of you that think our SOP is worth a crap because it is garbage based on an asinine principle trying to litigate people from competing with them.