Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill @ 7pm on 1/13

I hope everyone can be at Flanigan’s for dinner on Friday, 1/13 at 7 pm. Link below is in case anyone needs directions or additional information.

It is about 3 miles away from the Hilton Palm Beach Airport where the chapter meeting will be held.


I would really like to know who will be joining us. Please reply here or to my email address pilar@myeliteinspector.com and let me know so I can have an idea.

Thanks :slight_smile:

See you soon :slight_smile:

If you want to see a cool Flanigan’s check out the one just South of 84 in broward on University Drive. I did the stucco and some block work and we created Faux fishing pier looking planks that they mount their fish on outside.

The guys hanging the fish and signs thought it was wood until the got right up on it.

I drove by the other day and the stucco was falling off. Nice job!!!:p:p

I believe your pants are on fire :slight_smile:

It is a damn fine job if I do say so myself :slight_smile:

i live a block away and it its nice job good to know you did it.

Thanks. I was in on the design of the exterior and such. They had thought about putting up real wood then attaching the mounts to it but I figured this would look better and last longer. We have not even had to touch up the faux paint and it has been a few years.

So back to Pilar’s original post. If you think you may be joining us friday night let her know. I stopped there last night to scope it out and they have a lot of seats at the bar but it looks like they tend to fill up. They are also doing some construction. Flanigan’s offered to give us the back room if we know how many will be there.

The wife and I will be there.

We will be there.

I will leave here after WORK…some of us actually work Preston we do not have the charmed life to sit and organize galas for the poor and not so famous…

I hope to get there about 8ish…

Hey Russell, did you have a Patrone for me as promised?

Actually I did…Preston and I did a double…and it was for you…promise delivered…

I knew that you could be trusted with that most important task. Thank you for helping me out.