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A local inspector is advertising himself as being licensed. He also claims to be “certified” but after an easy 10 minutes of searching did not find him on any lists. He doesn’t specify who he is certified by on his website either.

I don’t want to bash this individual or ruin his reputation. I just want to know if anyone has had “that guy” in their city and what the best, possibly annonymous way would be to tell him to knock it off?

Inspectors are usually “certified” by an educational institution, not an association or organization. Most of those schools do not have lists to check for certification so unless you know where the inspector’s training was accomplished, and they have a list, you could search forever and never find anything.

The 2nd question is, did he state “Licensed Home Inspector” or just licensed. While skirting the fine line of puffery, holding a business license is being “licensed”.

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He took the Carson-Dunlop program via the local college. Most are certified by OHIA as that is who they gear the students towards. I have not heard of colleges certifying their students. I could be wrong. His site says “Licensed & Insured” on every page, the same as you would find on any electrician, plumber ro contractor website. Perhaps it’s all puffery. But I’m sure he willingly knows why he is claiming it as licensing in Ontario has been a hot topic in the public eye for about the last 6 months.

Oh, well.

Kinda playing dirty. But I guess that happens in every business.

("Most are certified by OHIA ")???

** I think you mean (http://www.oahi.com/english/about/about-the-oahi.html ) Why should this person be any different then Bill Mullen in your area he has had false advertising on his web site many times over the years.**


Colleges in Ontario do not certify students.

Claude can you tell us what %~of those who have taken your courses are employed in the home inspection industry .
I expect it is extremely small ???

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They also do not care what Association you go to as long as you do. Carson Dunlop training is a Certificate not a Certification course. 2 Year Home Inspection Technician Diploma is just a Diploma, NHI is just a designation not a License. In order to get a License it would need to be approved by an Association. If someone is saying they are licensed they are lying at least if he works in Ontario.

I must be confused can you tell me what association in Ontario is able too approve a person to get a License???

And what sort of a Licese is it???

(“In order to get a License it would need to be approved by an Association.”)

? … Thanks …Roy

None yet Roy! Still waiting on that like everyone else.
I would think that all Associations will have a play in who gets to say “Our Association Inspectors are all Licensed by the GOVERNMENT of Ontario.”

For clarification - An NHI (certified) and home inspector is recognized in BC and Alberta, and under agreement for current self regulation requirements in Quebec.

Strange how Claude did not tell that others beside NHI (certified ) are also recognised .
He also forgot to mention how much the cost is to get the NHI .(certified )
I wonder is Claude and his friends at arms length ??? on these costs .

From number 8 post I asked the question

Claude can you tell us what %~of those who have taken your courses are employed in the home inspection industry .
I expect it is extremely small ???


Hi Claude,

All the best to you for the Holidays!

Re: the topic herein, I really believe that more explanation has to be given with respect to the situation in Québec.



Hello Roy - the cost is readily available on the NHICC website - (nothing to hide)http://www.nationalhomeinspector.org/2012%20Fees.pdf

The initial fee can range between $425 to $650 depending on the inspectors background or certifications.

After the first year the maintenance and renewal fee is $150 + tax per year. Or an average of $400 for 2 years or as an example $250 per year average over a 5 year span. It gets less as time continues.

Regarding arm’s length - the NHICC has an advisory board and public members. We also hold membership with 3rd party accreditation. Bottom line - accountability beyond the internal governance.

On your question regarding training - I suggest that you are likely not fully aware of the contractual agreements between ISS and the college. So the college kept track of the actual numbers. My best guess would be in the range 50 -60%, seeing that it’s difficult for anyone to accurately track those statistics after a person even successfully completed their formal home inspection college training.


Could you please explain your comment above regarding that secret agreement in Quebec? Thanks!

Thanks Claude