Flash Banner

for Inspector Marketing World Tour is annoying as he**.

How long is it going to be up?

Just put some duct tape across your screen like I did. :wink:

Crap… I shoulda thought of that before I used a sharpie… :mad:

For me, it’s annoying, but not as annoying as when I get those “Why didn’t I know about it?” emails that fill my inbox a week after every event takes place.

Sounds like a challenge Nick. You could do worst, lets see what you’ve got. :wink:

Ah yes, the magic tape. :slight_smile:

Ditto :shock::shock::(:frowning:

Guess when you own the site you have the right.
Bet you guys still forget about it.

I already forgot, at least about attending. The closest one will be 300 miles from me.

Nick said emails don’t work and wants to get everyones attention. Problem with this flash banner informing 8,000 + members is less than 10% visit this message board.

I’ll move it to a less in-your-face location after a day or two.

Yipppiee :slight_smile:

It is annoying.

Watch out Dominic, this is sure to head your way as well!

I love it.

Trying to force political correctness on Nick… !

"I don’t have a damn thing to do all day and this is really annoying my ability to hang out here and not feel obliged to have to put up with this spam on 1/64th of the computer screen. "

Get that pertinent crap outta here!!! :slight_smile:

Just sayen…

So let me get this right, the guy who is going to teach marketing doesn’t know how to properly market his own class without being intrusive and annoying. Am I the only one to find that kinda funny?


And another thing, what’s with all those pertinent links on the left border of every page of this message board. They are really annoying me. :wink:

Why would an inspection-related message board contain inspection-related news… it’s absolutely crazy!

Yeah they are annoying :wink:

But you can get rid of them by selecting minimal at the bottom of the page. :slight_smile:

I wish we had links that helped us search and find all our benefits…this is what you get when typing “illustrations” in the NACHI search box…http://www.nachi.org/search32.htm?q=illustrations



But it is already outdated. Can’t keep up with it all.

I just did a “control F” search on that page and all those wonderful illustrations are not accessible from that page so how do we know where to search for anything?

I hear ya. 235,000+ pages and growing.

BTW: The gallery is here: www.nachi.org/gallery