FLASHCARD 102 I need help in grasping this problem

I need understanding as to why there are smaller cut 2x4’s on the mid-bottom of these boards and why they are connected at only one side of the roof center and I just need it all clarified. It all looks weird to me and the answer was to find out why its sagging…I would have recommended a structural engineer to look at it…

Photo please.


My guess would be for additional support…

With connections like that and scabbed 2x4s on the bottom, an engineer is a good recommendation. IMO

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Ceiling joists and rafters are not in line like how a truss is. To keep that vertical support plumb, it needs to be on the side of the rafter to fall on top of the joist. That connection at the base is an old school way of doing it without a connector, it’s a lot better than doing toenails. I’ll wager it was sagging before they did that work and they did not jack it up, or tried and it didn’t work.

Those look like scabbed 1x4s to me at the bottom of the 2x4s, which can add no benefit preventing buckling in that position and so add nothing to the 2x4s themselves. As someone else pointed out, the bottoms of the 2x4s may not be aligned over the joists below and may have been punching through the thin plywood flooring before someone had the bright idea to increase the cross section of the bases of the 2x4s with those scabbed on boards. If that’s the case, it’s unacceptable and needs a carpenter to have a look.

looks like some scrap 1x4 gussets