Flashing Question

What’s the purpose of this flashing. There are no weeps.



That looks like a steel angle (shelf angle) to help support window and stone sill.

Obviously a flashing inserted to protect whatever is below.

Weep holes would not accomplish much unless you are sure that a flashing end dam was created to direct the water or moisture to the weep holes.

In this case, moisture, if any, is just going off the ends.

Were there weep holes down on the bottom of this masonry facade?


It’s just a piece of thin guage aluminum.
Yes, there are weep holes along the foundation.

Then in my perspective, it works as intentended. :slight_smile:

As usual Marcel pinpointed this one. It didn’t look that thin from here, and first post you said no weeps.

Sorry, I meant no weeps above that piece of flashing.
I think I get it now. Water just runs along that piece of flashing, drips off the ends, and down to where the weeps are. Thanks.

It would have been simpler to have weeps above the lintel and skip the flashing in my opinion though…

Pretty dang ugly.

Hi Marcel
In Ontario you would still need the flashing below the window sill. Location of Flashing
(1) Flashing shall be installed in masonry and masonry veneer walls,
(a) beneath jointed masonry window sills,

Looking at the mortar joint below… I suspect there was moisture getting in therefore they came up with this contraption.


After a 2nd look, sort of looks like caulk above the arch as well.

I believe it’s there because the builder had no choice per the code stated in post 10 above.

Why is there no visible flashing at other windows in photo?

The right way to have done it is having installed the fabric flashing under the granite sills out of sight and extended far enough to drip in the cavity below, or as mentioned directly underneath the window with end dams and weep holes for that area alone.
Asthetically, that picture looks like hell and unprofessional at the least. :slight_smile:

I think they were trying to divert any water, moisture away to each side of the Bump Out for whatever reason. :slight_smile:

That’s a good point and I don’t know the answer.
BTW, this is my house.

So what is that bumpout John?:slight_smile:

Gas fireplace.

Well I stand on the last comment I made on the purpose of the flashing.
They are picking up any water/moisture above that fireplace and shedding it on either side.