Dose anyone see anything wrong with the flashing?



Non standard flashing with open seams which will allow water intrusion.Recommend Licensed Roofer examine and repair.

All I see is counter-flashing, and it looks ugly, but very effective. I wouldn’t mention it except maybe verbally, since the client is liable to have the same question. I’m guessing the flashing had some corrosion.

is it my eyes or is there a missing cap shingle also ?

You see no issue with the flashing uplifting tiles or question what that whitish substance is in the background ? ?

It’s not your eyes.

no room for it .lol

I’m only talking about the chimney flashing Bob, since that was the question. Can’t actually see the flashing cause it’s covered by the humungous counter-flashing, but I don’t see how any water is getting through that chimney penetration. The missing cap shingle might be an avenue. Can’t really tell from the photo.

Yes, I’m curious about the whitish stuff on the roof.

Are you referring to the entire roof area past the chimney?

Looks to me like they took the photo just after they washed off the chimney with a hose, and what you are seeing in the background is the dry and sun washedglare of the roofing surface. Look at the chimney, you can see it’s still wet.

(It may also be dust if they mixed the mortar on the roof)

I would also add lack of stainless steel liner assuming it is a furnace - water heater chimney.

Of course the attached photos can’t entirely explain the problem but…I’m having water seep in what appears to be behind the vinyl siding at the end of a short piece of J channel ( a small slot cut into the siding). The water seeps down behind the siding and is damaging the sheathing in the corner under the overhang. This must have been going on for several years having just discovered it this spring.
Any ideas on how to stop or block this water from traveling behind the siding? It drips from the small holes at the bottom of the siding as well which tells me it is coming from behind. Sorry I can’t use arrows to be more specific.

Thanks for any feedback.





Get a “professional” roofer out there to make it right. The fix shouldn’t be that difficult… rework a proper j-channel, cut the siding back properly, and get a kickout flashing in there! The difficult part will be when the damaged sheathing behind the f-up’ed siding gets discovered!

Maybe it’s wet cause they tested for leaks?