I just purchased the Surefire flashlight. I have to tell you that this little guy is amazing!! I originally bought it as a secondary but I’m thinking it is powerfull enough to use as a primary flashlight.

Does anybody else use Surefire? And how would you rate it?

Is it a rechargeable battery??

I believe they are,
Lithium Ion batteries…http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main/co_disp/displ/pgrfnbr/525/sesent/00

Oops, I may have made a mistook…
those batteries don’t look like they are rechargeable:(

What is $$?


I bought the original model and it cost $75.


You are correct, not rechargeable.

Mario, I use the Surefire 8NX and love it. It is rechargeable as well. I also carry the Ultrastinger but I don’t pull it out of the pouch as much anymore.

I think I will stay with my MAGLITE. That way I can beat off the rats in the crawl spaces.


I use one for my main light for around the home. The only draw back is the cost to operate. I still use my rechargable 2 mil spotlight in the attic and crawl as the primary light but the surefire is a great backup for that! If anyone knows of a rechargable battery for these lights i’m all ears.


SureFire 6P recharge kit

Thanks Michael, that can save a lot of money in a very short time. The 123A batteries last about three inspections and then they’re shot, then buying a new set is almost $10 at Wally-world. But the compactness, BRIGHT light, and light weight make it a great light to use for general purpose use.


The Ni-Cad packs will not last as long as the Lith/ions but they should be good for at least 1000 cycles.
Ni-Cad also performs poorly in very cold temps so take it inside at night and buy an extra pack. The kit has a AC and DC charger.

Surefire 8NX is a great light. BUT…the ultrastinger is still brighter and whiter. Not the best (or only) light for every application you’ll need, but still the gold standard for max bright in relatively lightweight portables, and will NOT likely run-out during any single inspection. Rarely runs-out in a full day of two or three inspections. Probably about twice the weight of the Surefire (at 17 or so oz.), so it is too unwieldy for really tight spots. I think it’s a bit more affordable than the Surefire, as well. (Maybe I can get a distributor gig with Streamlight?)

I have something similar, I believe it is a Pelican. Has a Xenon bulb and uses two camera batteries, the short stubby 123a or somethings. It has replaced my much bigger maglites and stingers, for the most part. The light is white and very bright. Fits in my pocket easily.

I got it on sale at Fry’s for $25. Normally it is $50. I have been watching for it to go on sale again to buy some backups.

I got tired of buying $10 batteries and switched to a new 3 Watt LED, not quite as bright, but it uses AA batteries and two of them last far longer than the $10 123a’s. One of the drawbacks is how WHITE the LED Light is, in some service boxes it makes all the wires look like aluminum. There’s a new 3 watt LED Maglight out also, they are available in various sizes.

I bought this on a lark when I was ordering something else as it looked like it might work well based on the “bigger hammer” principle.

Just used it on an inspection for the first time… and though it IS kinda funky looking it turned out to be an amazing flashlight: lightweight, runs 10 hours + (I was curious, and left it on overnight) off 4 standard AA batteries and it puts out a very bright white light - it easily illuminated an 80’ long basement all the way to the far end.

Construction is just OK, and I would not want to get it wet, but at this piece I can afford to forget, lose, drop, drown or whatever three or four for the price of a Streamlight and charger, AND I don’t have to worry about run time as my both cameras also take AAs and I always have plenty of spares in the bag and four in my pocket.

I think this is gonna’ be my new attic, dark basement and dry crawl light.


(You can find them various places around the net.)

On caution though: it’s ***blindingly ***bright - you don’ want to accidentally look into it yourself, and you don’t want to to point it into someone eyes.


I have a Mag as well but this thing is amazing. You would never know it judging from it’s size.


I bought the 6P Original at $75 it is by far the most expensive light I have purchased but well worth the money IMO


I have not purchased extra batteries for it and I didn’t see the Charger that Michael is showing us. I will place an order directly with Surefire. The retailer in Toronto doesn’t have much of a selection for optional accessories.