I bought the Keenwin RC-50 about a year ago, I love this flashlight however the carrying case has failed over time and I went searching for a new holster, This is what I found and it arrived today, Flashlight fits great !!

Just thought I would share.



I use the same one, you can get them at lowes and home depot too

Find the J-5 Tactical flashlight. Literally fits between your fingers and allows you to hold other things. Super bright light off 1 AA battery that I can go a week before I change. The light beam has 3 levels and can be focused. Fits in your pocket or pouch, not big and bulky and you don’t need and extra case on your belt. Is incredibly durable. Mine has taken a pounding. still works great!

focused light beam is key, especially if you want good photos, the bright lights that can’t focus, leave a white hot spot in the picture.